Jessica Hsuan’s Secret Crush on Michael Miu

Jessica Hsuan claims that her romantic life is blank now. This is quite believable, as in the past, Jessica has been quite open and honest about her previous relationships. If you were to ask Jessica, whether she was in a dating relationship or break-up, she would admit to the truth, although she would not reveal all the details.

In the past, Jessica admitted to dating 3 men: Dicky Cheung Wai Kin, Chung Shun Tai Fu’s Vice President, Wing Chi Kin, and dentist Kelvin. After many turbulences in past relationships, Jessica missed the opportunity to marry into a wealthy family.

Jessica said, "I have passed the stage where I want to get married and have children. If I can not find Mr. Right, I’ll rather let it pass. At my age, it is even more important to be selective." Jessica’s tone appears detached, but perhaps she is just a woman waiting for love?

Without an active love life, Jessica has cast her focus onto her co-stars. For example, her co-star, Michael Miu Kiu Wai in "Dicey Business" is the lucky recipient.

Jessica laughed, "For women from my generation, when we were growing up, many of us were fans of the Five Tigers. I liked Michael Miu the most because he was tall and hunky."

"I don’t remember how I was able to locate Michael’s home number, but I brusquely dialed the number. I think it was Jamie Chik Mei Jun who answered at the time. I said casually, ‘May I please speak to Ah Miu [Michael]?’ "

"However despite my hard efforts, my voice still sounded child-like at the time. Jamie said angrily, ‘Who is this?’ I was so scared I immediately hung up the phone. Haha…I never thought that I will have a chance to work with Michael one day, acting as onscreen lovers! I am very happy to have realized my childhood dream!

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