Jessica Hsuan Signs with New Manager

Jessica Hsuan terminated her management contract with TVB last year, but continued to film for them under a per-series contract agreement. In the past, Jessica’s work schedule was handled by TVB’s Artist Development Branch Assistant Manager, Carri Ma. However, it turned out that Jessica recently signed with Bobby Au Yeung’s manager, Lydia.

Jessica denied that she had an uneventful partnership with Carri. “Since it is the first time that Carri and I will be venturing outside [of TVB], we are still trying to adjust to the new arrangement.”

TVB executive, Ho Ding Kwan, has signed with ATV and will bring TVB staff to work with him.

As one of the targeted artists, Jessica said, “The competition is a good thing, as it gives audiences more viewing choices. Since I just signed with a new manager, I will see what happens first!”

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