Jessica Hsuan and Alex Fong Love their Dogs

A charity that protects abandoned animals held a special adoption event yesterday at Whampao and celebrity dog-lovers Jessica Hsuan and Alex Fong (Chung Shun) did some skipping on the stage with a dog that had just been adopted. Despite his masculinity, Alex seemed rather clumsy at skipping.

Afterwards, Alex explained that he was afraid of hurting the animal so he would rather be hurt himself. The dog that Alex has kept for many years died earlier from old age, leaving him very upset. He did think about buying a new pet, but in the end, he decided to adopt an abandoned animal instead. The dog he has adopted is already a year old and he feels that these roaming dogs are very good natured and highly alert. Alex has been busy filming a movie with Fiona Sit, where he plays her father. As filming is hard work, he plans to go out to sea on his yacht and go diving to relax.

Jessica has adopted a few stray dogs and recently, her fourteen year old dog had kidney failure and needed dialysis. The vet warned her to be prepared that the dog will die soon. Currently she is feeding her dog its favourite foods and is prepared that her pet will soon be leaving her. She says: "I know that I will cry, because he is always so good and every time I pack my luggage to go away, he will be very longing and hide in a corner quietly."

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