Jessica H.o. Insults BoA

Jessica H.O. who is part of group “Uptown”, has left insulting remarks of BoA on her friend Stella’s MySpace. A total of three insulting comments left on the site before and after her debut as a singer was found.

The first comment made on July 28, 2005 stated exactly this. “girls on top? LOL. why would you wanna meet boa. that girls g a y. haha” and again on August 20, 2005 the cruel comments continued. “yo my cousin had “Girls on Top” on her shoes. i was about to stab her in the face.” Just because her cousin had “Girls on Top” on her shoes, she violently reacted to this situation. As cruel as she was, her absurdness as well as stupidity was shown in these comments. The last comment made after her debut on January 29, 2006, she stated that her group of friends were a better group of singers than BoA.

Today, she made a big apology admitting that she had written those comments. Her company manager stated that “Jessica was still young and did not know that small chats between her friends would get this big. Jessica is one of the singers she respects the most and had no means to harm her in any way.”

Attending the same international school as BoA, Korean Kent Foreign School(KKFS), she showed much disrespect to our beloved BoA, who is one of the top singers of Asia. Making comments before and after her debut as a singer, makes her apology hard to believe. Born in New York, she started training to be a singer from the age of 14. Trained to be the “2nd BoA”, she released her first song, “Get Up” last year.

But with this kind of attitude, BoA’s House predicts that Jessica H.O. will have a hard time becoming a great singer as BoA. Also, many KKFS students have stated that she was very selfish and arrogant in her high school years there. Now at the age of 18, Jessica H.O. proves this statement true yet again.

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