Jerry’s Response Regarding All Rumored Drama Projects

Although Yan Cheng Xu is in the No. 1 seat among TW’s idol actors and over half of the fans at the 422 meet session held a “Jerry” or “Xu” sign, he has had the worst luck recently. A while ago, he just clarified when he signed the contract with FL Ge Fu Hong and the Tourist Bureau, it didn’t include the idol drama at all, and it has no relationship with whether he loves TW or not.

Then when he heard about the rumor of his going to film Basketball Fire, the new drama by GTV and Dreamdrama, and the say of Wu Zun’s not willing to help him out, he was totally surprised. Furthermore, last Wednesday, there was news that Sanli started to sell its new drama of 2007, Cupid, clearly stating that “Basically it is confirmed that it will be played by Yan Cheng Xu” without his authorization. Then Yan Cheng Xu was further annoyed. When the reporter questioned Sanli, Sanli’s staff gave out different information. Finally, Sanli’s Vice CEO, Zhang Zheng Fen, confirmed that the cast is not confirmed, and Sanli will examine the way it sells dramas in the future.

Yan Cheng Xu said, “Please do not put labels on me anymore. As I didn’t respond before, people thought that the rumors were true. In the past, I though that there was no need to respond every single time, but then I realize if I don’t defend, people will think that I admit it silently. It is really unexpected calamities. I hope that I can be treated fairly in the future.”

It is not surprised that the overseas media buyers were wondering why Yan Cheng Xu’s name was on the list, as he has had connection with too many drama projects, such as Treasure Island, Basketball Fire, Sanli’s Cupid, Cai Yue Xun’s Tell Me Love Has Come, Chai Zhi Ping’s Tourism idol drama Fruit’s tear, CCTV’s Love Story In Tokyo, Kungfu Successor produced by Stephen Zhou Xing Chi, a movie organized by Jacky Chan, Lin Jian Yue, and Yuan Bin, one Japanese drama adapted by Japanese comics, that Korean drama Princess Hours – Goong, etc…, that he can’t participate in all at the same time.

However, as Yan Cheng Xu has made his decision, some projects can’t wait and find other alternatives.

When faced all the rumors and gossips, Yan Cheng Xu said, “As I have set high standards on myself, I won’t decide to go for it until I have confidence in all aspects. After working with Jackie Cheng, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Sammi, and Dai Li Ren, I always think that I am not good enough. Therefore, before I accept any offer, I need to get myself well prepared.” Regarding his name is always used as springboard for others’ promotion, he said, “If I still have value, if there is someone who wants to use my name, I can only see it as one consolation.”

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