Jerry’s Clothes sold at Rp 48 Million-for Red Cross Indonesia

In the Charity Auction of the concert of Jerry Yan-Agnes Monica, Taiwanse star Jerry Yan and his co-star singer Agnes Monica appeared on stage. By turns, they entertained not less than 2000 spectators that filled up the Stars Night event at the Sands International Executive Club (SIEC) Jakarta, last Saturday night.

The audience came not only from across the country. Apart from hundreds of people who trooped are the Jerry Yan Family Indonesia (JYFI) organization, and there were 10 people who specially flew from Japan to witness the appearance of one of the F4 members. Wearing kimono clothes, they were distinctly seen in the row of the spectators. Moreover, there were fans that came from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Before Agnes and Jerry walked to the stage, the master of ceremonies Nirina Zubir and Michael opened the event. Both of them then invited the dancers and danced the typical Samba of Brazil. After that, the singer from Tiongkok, Yang Ming, entertained the audience with several songs.

Not long after Yang Ming went down, Agnes showed her teeth.
Accompanied by a band and her dancers , Agnes was the first to appear through the song Every Then. She played the opponent of Jerry in the TV serial The Hospital, and carried on her new dress, Victorian Harajuku Kinky Style. “Are you happy to be here?”

” Do you want me or Jerry? It would certainly please him,” said Agnes to the audience then laughed. Agnes then followed her act by singing the mellow Wary. Then followed by the song in soundtrack of TV serial The Hospital.

After Agnes sang eight songs, it was now idol Jerry Yan’s turn to entertain the audience. Jerry walked by the stage around 9:30 pm with white baggy pants and a cream shirt. Without the courtesy, the actor Dao Ming Shi of Meteor Garden sang the song of Wo Men Cen, De Hen Ai Ni immediately. The audience who must have paid a minimal Rp 6 million per the table immediately were hysterical. “Hallo

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