Jerry’s Carrier Single Attacks Japan, Climbs up on Top of the Ranking List

Next Wednesday, (7th) F4, in their capacity as ambassadors for Taiwan Tourism Bureau will all together promote in a press conference in Tokyo,This includes Jerry Yan whose single for the theme song "You Are My Only Persistence" he sang for his earlier TV serial "The Hospital" snatched rank 2 (sic) at HMV’s pre-selling ranking list …(it ranked no. 1 and was sold out before release)

Spent about 10 million for its release

Related products for Jerry’s lead drama "The Hospital" such as its OST and DVDs had both started to sell like hotcakes. The all-time high "You are my Only Persistence" is to be released in single because of earlier copyright issues on the OST , and which had disappointed fans . However, that song will soon be released in Japan but through EP (single CD) pre-selling, eventually landing at HMV’s local album listing in its best performance at No. 2. On March 21, it will be officially released.

For both of F4’s ambassadorship press conferences in Shinjuku, Tokyo on March 7, and in Korea, would cost about 10 million. On the first event, they invited Japanese experts and top hair stylists were commissioned to do F4’s image, which had immediately cost about 4 million. The Tourism Bureau Chief would also accompany F4 for the entire trip , to give complete due honors for F4, plus allotting a total of 85 million contract for the shooting of the idol drama, the first and most astonishing government and idol stars joint project in recent years.

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