Jerry Yan’s Stethoscope and White Robe are up for bid

Not only being a doctor in the series, outside the series, Jerry Yan also manages to do good deeds. August 15 will be the pilot of “The Hospital” and at the same time there will be a Charity Event wherein Jerry Yan’s Stethoscope and White Coat will be auctioned. Due to this auction, the proceeds will be given to charity groups and so the event will cost CTV another 3.5 million. The staffs of CTV became speechless with this 7-digit budget.

The station said they were very satisfied with the promotion of both Director Chai and his wife, putting up posters on the streets and public transportations plus the many inside interviews not related to the series, which also shows that their motive is to make structure of the series to be more immensed and ellaborated. The problem arises now with: 1. Where to get the funds and 2. How will they fit the fans in the venue.

Previously, they were planning to pilot an episode in a small venue, but yesterday they agreed to do the pilot at the World Trade Center wherein 1200 people can be accomodated. This includes press people from different countries and the fans as well. The highlight of this event is the auction, most especially Jerry Yan’s The Hospital costumes and peripherals that even the staffs would like to join the bid!

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