Jerry Yan to celebrate his 30 years low-profiled on New Year

As charity ambassador for World Vision, Jerry Yan got busy flying through to every Asian country for the last 2 months. Not having public appearances for a long time, he however, made every step in being all-seen abroad. His last appearance was in Thailand, where the people and the WV staff warmly received him. Because of his strong drawing power, many locals turned sponsors to follow him. On New year he would turn 30, and plans to be low-profiled and just be with friends to celebrate.

For this year’s projects, Du city (Las Vegas) and China both invited him to perform there. However, Jerry gracefully turned them down because he said that his people abroad would do pre-production work for his new movie.

Last year, Jerry celebrated his birthday shooting for The Hospital. Many people from the staff and crew celebrated with him at the set. After making many charity work this year, Jerry’s ideals also changed, as he now wants to spend less and plans to celebrate in a simple, low-key way. His manager also revealed that next year, he would engage in many fan gatherings, starting immediately next month.

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