Jerry Yan Secretly Met HK’s “3 Giant Directors”, Wong Kar Wai, Stanley Kwan & Zhang Shu Ping

6 hours secret meeting

According to Singtao, in order to make himself fully available for movie filming, Jerry rejected both the projects Basketball Of Fire and Nasty Hero… Yesterday, this reporter contacted Jerry and he admitted that this trip to HK was for discussion of movie project(s), but details couldn’t be reviewed yet.

Liberty Times reported, per Singtao of HK, that Jerry was in HK last Wednesday, and his agent, Mao Liang, and he met with famous HK film’s “3 giant “directors Wong Kar Wai (Wang Jia Wei) and (Stanley Kwan)Guan Jin Peng, and art director/editor/costume designer Zhang Shu Ping. They met in a hotpot restaurant and had dinner for 6 hours.

Jerry fled through the back door

The dinner didn’t finish until 2am. When Jerry came out, the front door of the restaurant was closed already. Therefore, Jerry left at the back door. The reporters found Jerry wearing a thick leather jacket, nad his cap is worn very low. Once the related personnels found the reporters, Jerry was pushed onto the transportation, like a criminal. The scene was so funny that even Jerry tittled.


Wong Kar Wai -In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express, 2046

(Stanley Kwan) Guan Jin Peng has directed quite a number of famous and award winning movies, such as Lan Yu, Everlasting Regret (Chang Hen Ge – Sammi’s last movie), The Actress – Center Stage (Ruan Ling Yu by Maggie Cheung), Rouge (Yan Zhi Kou by Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui), etc…

Zhang Shu Ping is a top and award winning art director/editor/costume designer/interior designer in HK. He has been the art director for most Wang Jia Wei’s movies, and actually he did a lot of editing for Wang’s movies as well. He works with stars like Maggie Cheung, Liu Jia Ling, Tony Leung, etc…

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