Jerry Yan had missed Jacky Cheung

Because of Leon Dai, Jerry Yan had missed Jacky Cheung, and another reason to continue with the drama! Director Cai Yue Xun revealed that when they were still choosing the cast, they were already eyeing for Jacky Cheung to portray the villain doctor “Qui Qing Cheng.” However, because of schedule problems, Jacky gracefully turned it down.

This hungry-for-fame doctor role was later offered to Dai Li Ren. On-line users general reaction was “Sinks in stable characterization, having several deep thoughts and expression scenes all related to the the drama. Jerry’s charms is not lost.” Viewers reaction was that Dai Li Ren’s acting skill seemed to soar and driven above Jerry Yan.

Villain doctor role was originally offered to Ge Shen

However, Director Cai then said, that actually, when he was preparing for The Hospital, Jerry was the first person to be confirmed. For the “Qui Qing Cheng ” role, it was rumored that he was looking for HK’s 4 heavenly kings Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung and Aaron Kwok. Director Cai said, “Only Jacky Cheung is real.”

Cai Yue Xun and Jacky Cheung had also discussed about the role, plus, Jerry and Jacky already worked together in “Love Scar”, so odds in getting along in the drama is not really high. The Hospital Planning Manager Yue Xiao Hui said that actually, Jacky is highly anticipating it. But its too bad that because of schedule problems, he cant stay in Taiwan for a very long time to finish it.

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