Jerry Yan goes to Korea as goodwill envoy, triggers media report chaos

Taiwanese F4 member Jerry Yan, in his capacity as the international rescue and development group World Vision’s Child Protection goodwill ambassador visited Korea yesterday, and went to a Korean orphanage institution for children. Beginning 24th of last month he set off from Mongolia and then went lately in Singapore, Japan, etc. for his 8- country tour. Now, he is in Korea for a 2-day event.

Through "Meteor Garden", Korean audiences got to know Jerry Yan. And now his Korean visit attracted large groups of media, where they struggled each other for report coverage.

Jin Hui Ci portrayed the role of Queen Mother in the Korean biggest
romance-comedy serial for 2006 entitled Princess Hours a.k.a. Goong

"I can well understand the need for help and get worried when one cannot get help because I grew up from many people’s support, so I want to strive to make even more good deeds."

On the 6th, at the 9th floor auditorium of Seoul’s international support group – World Vision Organization – is its Asian Child Sponsorship Charity Ambassador, F4 group member Jerry Yan saying the above-mentioned words.

Jerry said that from October 24- 30, he visited his own sponsored children who are actually Mongolian residents. Moreover, he also said, " I know that in getting here, I cant experience that much. I could see that although they had a difficult life, the children however, haven’t lost their sincerity and was quite touched. Now I’m in a more bountiful life, I feel my life is very blessed.

In addition, Jerry also appealed: " In fact, I had not thought that I can be helpful to other people before, as I grew up getting other people’s help. Now that I can already be able to help others,I think that through World Vision I can help children from various countries. If we can even unite together to help them, I think the world can become even happier.

On the 7th at 1pm, Jerry as Goddwill ambassador went to Seoul University’s ARCO Art theater and met with famous Korean actress Jin Hui Zi. Lady Jin is also presently helping 103 poor local children. At the same day at 4 pm, he would proceed to Gao Yang City and visit a n actual school class, make a Christmas tree together with the children, and give Christmas gifts.

Jerry is an original Taiwanese group F4 member. He played lead in "Meteor Garden" and is also very famous in Korea. In August this year, for KBS TV Drama Awards Night, he went up brightly at the stage together with movie actress Jin Shan Ya as an award presenter.

In October 20 this year, Jerry was appointed and nominated for World Vision organization Asian region’s 10 countries (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia) Child Sponsorship Ambassador. In order to present the poor children’s real plight, he started to tour around its 8 countries from last month to this month.

In 1950, World Vision had helped the June 25 Korean War orphans and widows by setting up the international goodwill organization. Now, it has reached to as much as 100 countries launching urgent aid, as well as development and supporting causes.

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