Jerry Yan goes out for check-ups, Sucks in 200 Million from abroad

Jerry “Bao Long” Yan puts into use to breathe in ways to earn huge money. Because his own leading role in the new TV drama “The Hospital” will be having its intitial broadcast on August 15, its overseas copyrights stepped this early to heat up the sales fever, and madly selling to 8 countries that scraped 200 million!

Jerry spent 2 years hard work to put into the filming of “The Hospital” These times, he is not working up with any new project, but he came out with a very astonishing great look. In the past, because of Jerry’s present idol stature, he was often downgraded by the outside world of having a poor acting talent. However, after watching a few of the earlier episodes of “The Hospital” , producer Yu Xiao Hui cant help but to question this view. She said, ” After too many people have watched the first episode, they immediately decided that they must buy the copyrights, like these Japanese, Hong Kong, etc. The Japanese are also very surprized that Taiwanese can make this kind of a huge-structured drama, and also having an unusual star actor like Jerry Yan.
Overseas Money power of US$20,000 per episode

The Hospital has not yet been aired, and relying on Jerry Yan, overseas copyrights has immediately been sold to countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, North America, etc. With an average of 60 minutes per episode, it was sold at US$20, 000 each. The Hospital’s whole series was then sold in each country at a mighty sum reaching to US$6,080,000, and sucking in a surpassing amount of $200 Million from abroad.

With a hot overseas copyright sales, Jerry Yan’s success in his money-making strength became even more powerful. Producer Yue Xiiao Hui said, “The Hospital spent 80 million in costs. When the filming was about to end, it had already recovered all of its expenses with its related drama products including the DVDs, original tapes, T-shirts, posters, etc. which were released later in coordination with the drama team. We are also preparing to have a wave of sales events”
First Showing is for a Fund-raising Charity cause

The Hospital has not yet shown its first launch. Although the drama already sold like hotcakes, Jerry’s strong drawing force still calls on the fans for love and compassion. Yu Xiao Hui said that this is also her and her director husband Cai Yue Xun’s idea, hoping to give back to the society. The initial showing of “The Hospital” was first scheduled to be held on August 12 and they now prepares to select the procedures for the holding of the Fund-raising Charity. It will be open to all Jerry fans coming from all parts of the world to join. Each entrance ticket will cost NT$1,000, and requires everybody to donate any amount for The Hospital’s charitable institution beneficiary.

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