Jerry Yan didnt react when he was mistaken as Jay Chou

As World Vision Child Sponsorship Project Ambassador for Asia -Pacific Region, Jerry Yan started his journey yesterday to go to Mongolia to visit his 3 sponsored children. From the Taoyuan Airport up to Hongkong and then to Beijing, he was surrounded by his fans. At the Beijing airport, a passenger mistook him as Jay Chou, and Jerry wasn’t sure how to react. Thus, when he sat on the economy class, he got busy signing autographs, shaking hands and taking pictures. Even when he was reading some magazines, fans kept talking to him. Even the customs staff got excited when they saw him and forgot about their posts when they rushed through him. There was even a fan who followed him from Hongkong to Beijing.

This endeavor will bring Jerry to Mongolia’s minus 6 degrees below zero cold climate. What did he bring? Secret gifts for his 3 boys and 1 girl sponsored schooler. He even studied some magic tricks so the children will have fun. What is inside his suitcases? He said, emergency medicines. (Any protective clothes?) I’m not sensitive to the cold climate." However, his staff still prepared some protective clothes for him against frost bite.

Summary only:

As spokesman for Wold Vision’s "Child Sponsorship" for Asia-Pacific Region, Jerry Yan set off to Mongolia yesterday to actually visit his 3 sponsored children. Being the idol and center of attention, he was followed by his fans, from the Taoyuan airport to Hong Kong and then to Beijing, where someone mistaken him as Jay Chou!

Signing autographs, shaking hands and picture-taking, Jerry was almost busy during this 8 hour flight in the economy class. At the Beijing aiport, a famous passenger called him, "Hey, Director Chou!" A man beside said, "Please! Jay is not his height, OK?" When Jerry heard this he just smiled.

Jerry will enter the below zero Mongolian desert climate bringing "secret gifts" for his 3 boys and 1 girl schoolers and prepared some magic tricks for them. What did he bring in his suitcase? He said, "of course there are medicines". What about protection coats? He smiled and said, "I’m afraid of cold" but his staff prepared thick cold-resistant clothes for him.

After he was warned that he might not take a bath there, he just said, "I can take sponge-bath." He also continued that he must shampoo his hair even with the cold water. If there is no water, he would also "sponge bath" his hair.

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Translated by JK . Thank you for the credits.

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