Jerry Yan Comes Again and More

Fans’ long-awaited special event is now realized. Entitled “1st Special Event in Japan JERRY FOR YOU” (Note: this is just a show, not a concert) But whether it just some kind of a performance and not a concert, still its a puzzle. You can just say, you can meet a hero to hold, and for fans to look forward in visiting Japan is already a happy present. Since the F4 Spring Concert in Hong Kong, they had agreed to go to Japan (in August there were rumors that they will go to Japan for a DVD promo) and the F4 members will each separately proceed to Japan. But even in preparing the four members individually, they all would seem to have much difficulty. However, during the show events, together they provide heroic support.

Translated in Chinese from Japanese by Addy of
Translated in English by Jerry’s Kingdom

Pre-Order of Tickets
Pre-order by eplus beginning at 12 PM (Japan standard time) July 24(today)

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