Jerry Yan Cheng Xu In Tokyo, Immobilized The Whole Street

Being World Vision’s spokesperson of the Asian Pacific Region, YCX appeared in Tokyo yesterday, continued his mission of appealing to the world for caring the poor children. It is very cold in Tokyo now. Although YCX was having a cold and he coughed frequently feeling slightly light headed, he hit the spirit and revealed his enchanting smile. In the function, among the three fans who were drawn to the stage, two of them were so delighted that once they saw him, they started crying and they could not even stand still. It was obvious that the shy YCX was shocked, regardless, he patted them on the shoulder, and this brought another round of cheering.

As usual, wherever YCX goes, crowds of people gather. In TW, fans sent him off at the airport. When he arrived at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, there were a thousand of people waiting for him. However, due to limited administration fee from World Vision, security guards couldn’t be hired. Luckily, the security department of the airport offered to help, then YCX could safely leave the airport.

Nevertheless, at the press conference, another crowd of people gathered. A lot of fans were not lucky to get the free tickets, they kept on pleading with World Vision for the tickets. Even when they were politely rejected due to security/safety issues, they refused to leave. In the press conference, it was open for the participants to ask questions. The first question asked was very blunt, "Money is used as travel expenses for the trip. Is it more beneficial if the money is contributed to the children instead?" YCX expressed a different point of view, "The meaning is totally different, especially when you see the kids in person and they are standing right in front of you, just like your family members." After the press conferences finished, even more people gathered at the site that the whole street was immobilized. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t leave. That’s why he had to stay for 3 more hours before he could go back to the hotel.

YCX will come back to TW today. Then he will go to the next two stops, Malaysia and Singapore. Actually, before the end of this year, he will finish travelling around the whole Asian Pacific region. That’s why when TBS (kkla: MG1 is currently being broadcasted on TBS) invited him to throw out the first pitch at the Baseball Asia Series, he couldn’t make it (kkla: ZZ was invited instead). Last night, when he was resting in the hotel and when he got a phone call from this reporter, he was surprised. When asked about his situation in Japan, he hesitated for a while, "hmm" before saying "Very astonishing. Let me call Fenny for you." Then he gave the phone to her. NO wonder, he is still the shy little rabbit.

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