Jerry would make a series of guest appearances for “The Hospital”, Preview Screening to smash down millions

Jerry heads for the battle of the promos for the 8 pm slot TV series. His own lead role series “The Hospital” will definitely be among the much regarded war of shows on August 15. Jerry fans are patiently awaiting its Preveiw Screening and to be the first ones to see it. There would be a separate screening of the same Preview at the Taichung TV station, while the station and drama group will break the day and pond down millions to make a large scale media press conference.

Preview Screening to smash down millions

5 years ago, Jerry’s own portrayal in the Chinese version of “Meteor Garden” was originally in the 9 pm slot. When it was aired again, it transfered to the 8 pm slot. At that time, he was barely getting famous. Now that he is already an Asian giant star, he must be carrying on his shoulders the box office burden of “The Hospital”, and personally leads with full strength the 8 pm time slot promotions.

According to reports, the Over-all Production Head Yu Xiao Hui , asked her Director-husband Cai Yue Xun to let Jerry lead the promotions for the series, not hesitating to smash down millions for the preparations of this media preview event, with an evening party scale in a very huge oval venue. Guest will then proceeds to a new stage theater where all can roam around and see it all. They will hold it by around August 12. Yu Xiao Hui said that the venue and the time are still not finalized, but stated that this will be the biggest preview screening meet in recent years.

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