Jerry will visit Mongolia’s poor children

Rumored girlfriend Lin Zhi Ling has just been named as World Vision’s love ambassador, and Jerry Yan immediately followed, and named World Vision’s first international spokesman for its eight-country Asia-Pacific Region. On the 24th, he will set off to Mongolia to visit his long time 3 sponsored children. During the Preview screening of his new drama The Hospital, he donated proceeds of the auction of his costumes and props, to World Vision International, which at present, has already raised NT$4,700,000 worth of cash funds. Sometime in September, World Vision’s eight regional offices had a meeting on whom they will choose as the first spokesperson, where Jerry won the unanimous approval in the voting. When he knew about it, he didnt hesitate to join, and his first stop will be in Mongolia to visit his long-time sponored children.

Jerry said that so many people want children should be happy. However, reality is often the opposite. He especially went to the World Vision office to hear out the plans for the visit, took down notes, and asked from the staff on what would be the gift he could bring to help the children. He said that he is really looking forweard to this travel visit. But he is also afraid to see the children’s poor state. So that when he would be preparing for his luggage, he would prepare some small gifts wishing to give the children some happiness.

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