Jerry to visit Mongolia’s Poor children, Must wear shades to cover up his tears

Yesterday. Jerry took the 10:50 China Airlines flight to Beijing to spend a night there and today he would proceed to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Because of his post as charity ambassador, Jerry has no huge company back-up. He would follow the staff in the economy class, and stay in a very small hotel and the communications would be backward.

Jerry looked relaxed and wore a T-shirt and crop pants yesterday. For seeking sponsorship for some 35,000 poor children, he studied how to get along with children, did some research like that he must squat down to listen to their talks and also prepared some magic tricks so that they would become close. He also plans to sing for them, and warmly cherish them.

Jerry mentioned to those fans who came to send him off, to extend help as sponsors. "Im deeply touched, and wishing that I and everyone can try hard to appleal to friends to join the child sponsorship program. It only takes $700 to help a poor child, and this would be our collective love experience."

Because LZL was earlier tapped as the "Hope" project ambassador, she visited Swaziland last May. Thus, reporters asked Jerry yesterday if he asked for advice from LZL regarding spokeman duties. Hoever, Jerry avoided to anwer it by shaking his head and saying no word.

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