Jerry sets off to go to Mongolia to spread world love

Wearing his fan Tshirt at the airport, as he prepares to leave for Mongolia, Jerry Yan happily expressed, " For me, this is the first special travel, that i had waited for so much/ After looking at the information given to me, I knew this trip would be very hard. But I believe that personally going there to show my love. and to experience the native children’s real lives, I would surely gain something, and even let us learn to treasure!"

Jerry Yan as ambassador for child sponsorship appeared happy with his fans. He already prepared many small presents for the children. At the event he would also try to do some magic tricks to make the children happy. He said that it takes only $700 to make a better life for a poor child. This will be our sharing love experience. For $700 each month, it can then allow poor out-of-school child to have basic education, medical assistance, also help his family improve their economic plight, for building a community hospital, farms and waterwells to give a better life to these children.

At below zero degrees Mogolia’s cold climate, they can’t resist Taiwan’s love. Believing in Jerry and the Taiwanese energetic caring,it would bring Mongilia children filled with blessings. and also will bring back touching wonders and share with you!

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