Jerry returns from Outer Mongolia, Handsome face seriously struck with frostbite

As World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Program Envoy for 2007, Jerry Yan went to Outer Mongolia last week and returned to Taiwan yesterday night at 8:30 pm. Because his face was frost bitten, when Jerry walked out of the customs area, his handsome face was covered with a wide mask, that waiting fans can’t help but to send out loving screams. Inspite of this, Jerry kept on reciting "700 Dollars, 700 Dollars" to everyone. World Vision PR head Yang Hui Ping explained that it takes only 700 dollars per month to help Mongolia’s 35,000 sponsored children and Jerry was only doing his role as spokesman. On the other side, Jerry personally experienced the local poor children’s life, that allowed him more not to give up on them.

Jerry’s manager Jiang Yi Peng received Fenny’s message the other night that Jerry’s face was sunburned and frost bitten. He frankly reacted that WV had not told them about protection against sunburn, and only warmed them about cold protection so they had not prepared for it. As Jerry remained most of the time on outdoors to take pictures, he got heavy frost bites and his lips also painfully cracked.

World Vision also predicted that because Jerry would have a press conference tomorrow, he would also talk to two of his other three sponsored children, Feeling touched, he would surely actively come for them.

At the end of his 7-day love travel to Mongolia’s poor children, Jerry Yan returned to Taiwan last night. Because his face is full of frost bite rashes, and in order to consider his "reputation" he wore a mask as soon as he landed at the airport, not hoping to show his real self to the people.

In the 7-day Mongolia’s frigid and dry weather, Jerry was duty bound as World Vision’s Asian Ambassador. He went through the huge deserts to visit Mongolia’s poor children and also shot the whole day for World Vision documentary short film. As a result, he was sunburned and frost bitten that his skin started to peel off. The different climate damaged this "loves-to-eat" guy and so when he comes to a restaurant, he would immediately apply aloe vera as "first aid" cover. Several days before, when he visited his sponsored children, because of the very dry weather, his nose bleed, allowing the staff to panic immediately.

Because of limited funds, Jerry threw off his "idol identity" and sat in economy class, short with amenities at the desert. One night, Jerry and everyone went in a 150 dollars restaurant and took a cold bath under dusky lights. From Ulan Bator, they had to endure an 8-hour car drive and had to eat mutton every day. In the car he sat beside a girl who was holding on his hand so tightly, and went to sleep in his arm because of tiredness. He said, "I had never felt so such need on me, and it also felt pretty good as she depended on me."

Jerry said that his Mongolian trip changed him very much. Before, he would feel very uneasy as he faced the media and cameras. But now, he has not only learned to get along with the children, but also learned to unload his heart as he naturally faces the crowd.

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