Jerry makes non-stop good deeds,

Only days earlier, Jerry has just returned to Taiwan from his week-long Mongolian stint. Yesterday, he again flew to Japan to carry on his duties for World Vision and hopes to visit more Asian countries afterwards. Today, he will attend two Tokyo events for Child Sponsorship Program. Yesterday when Jerry arrived at the Northern Taipei airport where many Taiwanese and Japanese fans sent him off, he revealed that we wants to go to Taiwan’s poor people in the mountains to do charity work.

Jerry Parts only:

Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) and Vic Zhou (Zaizai) joined each other in Tokyo yesterday. At noon yesterday, Jerry left for Japan as part of his travel tour as Ambassador for World Vision International. Many fans sent him off him at the airport and World Vision has also saved as much as NT$3 Million in advertisement costs.

Jerry Helped Save 3 Million

According to reports, World Vision is now very thankful to Jerry Yan. because as Spokesman for the 10 countries, his fame all throughout Asia only needed them to produce one commercial ad. In the past, they would look for one spokesman for each of the 10 countries, and would need to shoot 10 different commercial ads. This time, they only spent NT400,000 to shoot one promo video ad for all the 10 countries. World Vision said that they had saved as much as NT$3 Million in filming expenses.

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