Jerry Lam Protective of His Wife

As ambassadors for ‘Respect for the Elderly’, Jerry Lamb and wife Lily Hong took part in a Grandparents Day event yesterday and they met with some enthusiastic fans who asked for photographs with them. In light of recent events, Jerry was very careful to protect his wife and put his arm around her during the photos, however, Lily said she would not get too scared because she is well covered up and she is already a mother, so she should not be the target of any desperate fans. Jerry says that he has seen the film of the incident and he feels that the role of the MC is very important, but he saw the host at that event was just standing to one side holding the microphone when he should have been the first person to pull the attacker away. With his great experience of hosting events, Jerry says that he has seen many people in the audience who are a little disturbed and he will be very careful around them.

Talking of the untasteful stunt pulled by I Love You Boyz as they jokingly re-enacted Ella Koon’s ordeal, as their colleague, Jerry was very evasive. Asked if he has a bottom line as a DJ, Jerry points out that he did not start out as a DJ and he just does it as a guest, but he knows that if he makes mistakes, he will be sacked. Does he think that I Love You Boy’z have overstepped the mark? He says that this is possibly a new age style of comedy, but he is very much of the old style and he follows the old rules.

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