Jerry goes to Japan to offer love, admitted he is sick

Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) is 2007 World Vision Child Sponsorship Ambassador for Asia-Pacific. The other day, he said he had a "sore throat." However, yesterday in Japan, he had sweetly talked back to his enthusiastic fans, " I’m very lucky because I can have everyone’s love, and I hope everybody could also let more children be loved! "

Sharing his Mongolia Experience

As Jerry shared his Mongolia travel experience, he sensibly said, " Seeing the street children’s life in the underground tunnels, makes me moved so much." But there were some who questioned, "Shouldn’t it be more wholesome if the money spent on travels be donated to the child instead? He said, " If you see a child facing in front of you, it seems they are like your family. But it is also good if we can donate money to send children to school. "


Jerry goes to Japan to share
his loving care experience

Source: China Times
November 12, 2006

Jerry Yan was sick as he shared his Mongolian loving care experience with fans, as World Vision’s Asian Ambassador on Child Sponsorship for 2007. After Jerry returned to Taiwan from Mongolia early this month, he immediately kicked off his Asia-Pacific tour. When he arrived the airport the other day, several hundred fans came to welcome him. Upon seeing his fans go chaotic, Jerry, even though had colds still showed warmth as he waved his hands in response to everyone’s enthusiasm.

Yesterday, Jerry attended a Press Conference in Japan. In order to see their idol, fans already became sponsors so that they can enter the venue. An estimated 2000 people attended, where fans especially carried telescopes so that they can see Jerry from afar. Some who weren’t able to come in plead desperately with the staff at the gate and were more than patiently awaiting outside.

Jerry said that in the future he could become a World Vision volunteer, and his Mongolian experience has greatly changed his life. On his good impression on Mongolia he said, "The big desert night sky, looking up in the sky filled with stars, looks like seeing the Milky way."

Translated by Jerry’s Kingdom. Thanks for the credits.

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