Jerry Celebrates Birthday, Brings out fans’ money to do good works

Yesterday, Jerry Yan who recently helped as World Vision ambassador celebrated his 30th birthday that spurred some fans to make charity work and donated money, with some who sponsored children.
In addition, people donated to local charities.

Getting Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) to do even a bad deed won’t loose his remaining powerful influence, as his Japanese fans all together donated NT$360,000, Taiwanese fans also donated NT$130,000, and HK fans then followed with sponsoring 30 children. Those far-flung Mongolia children personally made greeting cards to express their thanks and Thai fans presented him with the national Thai costume, gold necklace and dried mangoes. However, the "shining" necklace scared Jerry and frankly called out that it was "too precious!"

Jerry is currently in Japan for work, as HK fans gave their congratulation birthday messages in huge electronic billboards. There were even fans who said." I won’t forget you, I still have faith in you!" where people connoted it rumored girlfriend LZL’s TV commercial.

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