Jerry calls on to Her Highness Queen and praises Jin Hui Zi (Goong)

now the 2007 Child Sponsorship Ambassador for World Vision. The other day, he attended a press conference in Seoul. He said, "Children a very simple, they won’t cheat people. When I went together with them, I felt most at ease." Yesterday afternoon, he was then "summoned" to the Korean TV Serial "Goong Princess Hours" and "Her Highness Queen" Jin Hui Zi, for which both mutually praised each other.

Sweet talked and held hands as Charity Ambassadors

As he dots on his playbill smiles, and casually dressed up for the press conference, he shared his October Mongolian experience and reflections. He said, " The local children’s lives were very hard, but they didn’t loose their sincerity. As compared to me, mine has a superior and enriched life, and I really feel very blessed." He expressed that now he is able, therefore he wants to do more good deeds, and help more people.

Yesterday, he and World Vision Korea Charity Ambassador Jin Hui Zi met each other. He sweetly talked and said," Miss Jin Hua Zi looks so young, " and also said,"she helps so many children, and I want to be like her. I wish to have a chance to be with her in Africa for charity." Jin Hua Zi then said, " He (pointing to Jerry) is a very famous Asian idol, and yet he helps distressed and poor children. Honestly, that is very rare."

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