Jennylyn free to do ‘Tiyanak’ but not ‘Wedding’

Regal Films is offering Mark Herras a new movie, the remake of “Tiyanak,” the hit horror flick that starred Janice de Belen in 1989. But Mark is not that enthusiastic to accept it as he’d be sharing topbilling with former girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado and her current beau, Patrick Garcia. It’s okay for him to work with Jen alone, or with Patrick, but not the three of them as he does not want to be the third angle in a love triangle. We are curious, though, as to why Jen accepted this project when she rejected “My Kuya’s Wedding.” She said then she did not have the time as she is so busy taping almost everyday for “Super Twins.” How come she is now free to do “Tiyanak?”

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