Jay, Who is Addicted to Filming Hopes to Be a Director Next Year

Jay openly admitted that he is not in a realtionship right now. Besides composing and singing, he has found a new career goal of becoming a director. Jay, who will be filming Director Zhu Yan Ping’s "Slam Dunk" soon, expressed during Hit Fm’s interview that after the baptism of "Initial D" and "Golden Armors Worn Throughout the City," he hopes to become a movie director. He plans on cooperating with Nan Quan Mama.

Jay expressed that acting has allowed him to learn how to use his voice and expression when he was interviewed by Hit Fm Broadcasting Network. The hardest part is using one’s voice and expression simultaneously to act. The acting experience obtained the past few years and the experience from being a director for music videos has made Jay even more interested in becoming a movie director. He expressed that he plans on becoming a director next year.

Matching the release of his new album, Hit Fm Broadcasting Network has set the day before the release of Jay’s album as "Jay Day." They will be playing Jay’s 4 new songs including "Far Away," which was premiered globally. At the same time, to avoid illegal downloads of the new song after it has been broadcasted, every DJ will introduce the song prior to playing it. They will also announce the importance of respecting the people’s copyright. They hope that everybody won’t illegally download Jay’s work.

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