Jay Surpasses Rain in Vietnam

South Korean pop star Rain and Taiwanese music king Jay Chou are both super famous in Asia, the comparison’s in Vietnam! Raine yestedray was in Vietnam for a concert, and there was some media that criticized and expressed: “Not like Taiwanese singer Jay’s performance.”

Korean NEWSIS reported that to Rain’s June 8th concert, that the Korean popularity in Vietnam has started to dwindle and isn’t as well-received as it was before. NEWSIS said that many fans believe that Rain’s concert in Vietnam was not as good as Jay Chou’s performance. Even though Jay hasn’t held a concert in Vietnam or promotion ever since his debut, he has received Vietnam’s acceptance.

Rain doesn’t deny the Vietnamese criticisms. He expressed because he’s been super busy, this concert he hasn’t really put out his best. His record company has also expressed that the situation wasn’t the best because the legal and contract part of the deal had a lot of prblems, which affected the performance, and Rain didn’t get to practice as much as he usually would for concerts.

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