Jay Sings and His Rumored Girlfriends Take Turns Stepping Onstage

Patty Hou is currently out of the country. Jay’s rumored girlfriends Jolin Tsai, Vivian Hsu, and Hebe all attended the MTV concert and took turns performing. Even though the four were not fortunate enough to meet up together backstage, coincidentally, Vivian Hsu and S.H.E happened to both sing songs Jay wrote for them. Vivian sang "Mermaid" and S.H.E sang "Shocked." On the other hand, Jolin sang her new song and refused to have anything to do with Jay.

In order to ensure the four didn’t meet up, Jolin was scheduled to perform at 6 p.m. This is a whole four hour difference from Jay’s performance at 10 p.m. Vivian and S.H.E took turns performing at 8 p.m. This is two hour away from Jay’s performance. It looks as if it’s impossible for them to even say hi and have a quick chat.

Maybe it’s because Jolin didn’t sing Jay’s song, but when Jolin performed, fans must have thought there was something wrong. It was revealed that Jolin lowered the key when she sang "Dancing Diva." Jolin’s agent Jiang Cheng Jin indirectly confirmed this when he said: "Jolin got a cold when she returned from China. She even put on a patch for colds." Vivian also sang off pitch when singing her new song. Alan Luo also sang off pitch a couple of times because he was out of breath.

Besides Jay’s rumor, Jay also performed his new song "Far Away" for the first time yesterday. But, without Fei Yu Qing, how would Jay interpret the song? Before his performance, Jay was very mysterious and would only smile and say: "I memorized little brother’s (Fei Yu Qing) lyrics." Without Fei Yu Qing, Jay soloed "Far Away." The audience’s enthusiasm greatly decreased. When Jay changed the lyrics and asked fans to scream louder, he got the audience’s enthusiasm up when he added part of "Hair like Snow." Yesterday, it was rumored online on Sina.com that the MV for Jay’s new song "Herbalist Manual," was banned because it is too unique. Regarding this, Alfa said: "There’s no such thing. We’re not promoting this song right now. How can it be banned?"

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