Jay Shows Off Chest Muscles & Prohibits Body From Getting Out of Shape

To replicate his second album "Fantasy" released 5 years ago, Jay generously shows off his chest muscles again in his new composition of the year "Still fantasy." Even though he hasn’t been to the gym, he continues to do push ups and sit ups to keep his body in shape. But all his new songs have leaked onto China’s sites already. Thus, the record company suddenly decided to release the album earlier on September 5. They have also gathered evidence and are ready to file a suit.

"Still Fantasy" echos a lot of the contents included in "Fantasy" which was released 5 years ago. This time, he wrote "Obeying (my) mom" which is a perfect match with "Dad, I’m back." Similarities also include showing off his chest muscles. Jay has his good friend, William Liu, to give him gym advice. Even though he often flies around the world and doesn’t have time to report to the gym, he still uses his time in the hotel to keep in shape. Since he is about to release his album, he strictly prohibts his body from getting out of shape.

Jay has a blue antique car that is just as old as him. He drove the "Bat Mobile" into the filming area for the pictures in his new album. Along with the "Jay street" that costs about 2 million and took 10 days to build, Jay hopes to present a visual clash of extreme destruction and prosperity. Jay is unwilling to expose how much it costs to put him and his cool car in one scene. The grandious and retro street scene came from his own imagination. The sign also lights up to show his name. Even Chou Mama who came to visit couldn’t help but pick up a camera and keep taking pictures.

Because there were workers from China’s audio factory that caused the music to be leaked online through illegal business sites prematurely, Alfa Record company decided to release the album earlier. The pre-order process has also been ended early. At the same time, (they are) gathering evidence to file a suit against the buisnessmen involved.

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