Jay invite Hebe to be his mv female lead

Jay Chou’s new album, Still Fantasy will be released today (5th), but his relationship seem to be more interesting than his music! Earlier, he was interviewed by "GQ" magazine when he said that he’s not in love, hinting that his he had ended his relationship with Patty. Yesterday in Taipei filimg his new mv, Jay is seen to be filming his new mv with Hebe, and show that he’s never in shortage of love.

Change Girlfriend

In March this year, when Jay went to London to film Twilight’s Chapter 7 mv, he was caught to be with Hebe and started their rumour. To show that she’s not in love with Jay, Hebe was on Patty’s show, Entertainment@Asia, to dance with each other, hugged, and said together they’re not embarrassed at all.

Intimate contact

No one can imagine that in less than a month he said that he’s not in any relationshop to hint that he had ended his relationship with Patty, and then he’ll invite Hebe to be in his mv as the director of the mv. Yesterday, many people in Taipei have seen them filming this mv. Jay and Hebe is a couple in this mv, with intimately contact like hugging Hebe, and jay even acted as a bad boy in this mv.

Both label company of Jay and Hebe didn’t denied Hebe to be in jay’s new mv,
and said that Jay and SHE is very good friends, and when Jay was filimg SHE’s mv earlier this year, they have promised to help jay, they’ll do everything they can in their power. But why’s Hebe the only one to be in jay’s mv out of the 3 girl in SHE, both label company said that Hebe fit the role the most

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