Jay donates wax cast of his hands, auction bids shot beyond NT$20,000

Jay Chou participates in a fund raising event for premature babies. He provided a wax cast of his hands for the charity auction, with a direct buy price of NT$990,000. All amounts collected from the charity auction will be donated in full to the Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan ROC . Jay even sent the foundation a personal cash donation of NT$100,000.

Jay is currently working on his latest album, projected for completion by Sept this year. Despite his busy schedule, Jay still made time for charity work. For the Premature Baby Foundation charity auction, he cast a mold of his hands, complete with clear palm and ridge details, to be put up for online bidding on the Yahoo Auction site.

In less than 3 days, the bidding price of the wax cast shot beyond NT$20,000. The direct purchase price (in which the item will be sold to the bidder immediately, instead of waiting until the auction close) is set at NT$990,000. All proceeds will be donated to the Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan.

Zeng guo-cheng (Taiwanese TV host) is one of the directors in the company that had helped produce the wax cast. It was Zeng who had suggested approaching Jay. The company’s vice president, Zong Di-ming had mentioned that, when he first approached Jay with the idea of casting a mold of his hands for charity, Jay readily agreed.

Not only did he agree to contribute the hand mold, he even remitted a sum of NT$100,000 to the charity funds directly, much to the surprise of all. His generosity and unassuming ways earn him praise from all sides.

In fact, this charity auction also feature hand casts donated by Major League softball player, Wang Jian-ming, and Taiwanese rock man, Wu Bai. To date, Wang Jian-ming’s hand cast had reach a bidding price NT$100,000, and Jay’s auction item still had 5 more days of bidding left. Zong Di-ming hoped that the bidding will keep on coming, as these auctions will bring in much-needed assistance to families with premature babies.

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