Jay Chow’s Fragrant Rice new MV

Jay Chou’s 9th album will be released soon, and this time he has been named “Department of Healing” singer, bringing warmth to everyone. The MV for his new song “Fragrant Rice” not only stars a new J girl, but also stars his good friend Gary. Tonight at 8pm, 6 TV news stations – SETTV, TVBS, EETV, CTI, ERA and USTV will air this MV at the exact same time.

“Fragrant Rice” incorporates hip-hop and rap, and Jay gets his inspiration for this song from a number of his childhood memories. He says, “When I was little, I really admired children from the countryside. At the time, there was a mango tree infront of my house, and when I practise piano at home, I could see through the window, and see my neighbours climbing over the wall to secretly steal some mangoes from our tree. It was a very interesting scene.” He also revealed that when he was little, he would often go catch fish from a ditch, and once he even fell into the ditch. And when he got home, his mum would laugh at him and mock him saying that it was because his head is too big and heavy, that’s why he fell in.

Besides composing both the lyrics and melody of this song, Jay also directed the MV. The story tells of a middle-aged man who gets some setbacks from his job, and takes his anger out on his wife and children. But then, he returns to his courtyard of his old home and under the encouragement from his mother and friends, they give him a lot of strength to face his future. Jay and Gary tell this story in the MV, and they ride in a cart in the countryside. However, it is not cows that pull the cart but actually workers because Jay said, “To protect animals, that’s why we don’t get cows to pull the cart.” The workers pulled the cart backwards and forwards for 10 times, and were exhausted by the end of it.

Jay, who knows how to play a variety of musical instruments, this time he reveals a new instrument – the wooden drum. This instrument is used for a lot of performances on the street and Jay discovered it while shopping, after his concert in Japan this year. He was very curious about it and immediately bought 2 to bring back to Taiwan.

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