Jay Chou’s “Still Fantasy” Pre-order edition guards against piracy

Jay Chou will be releasing his seventh album on September 8th, entitled "Still Fantasy". The pre-order began on August 28th, every pre-order comes with a limited edition "Jay Chou transcending across time poster". After releasing for just two days, the goods have been running out in music stores, sending these music dealers to approach Xin Suo Music to re-order. Every year during the month before Jay Chou’s album release, the staff at Xin Suo Music production company always work overtime. This year is no exception, as they are working overtime to rush production for the new album.

Everytime Jay Chou releases an album, questions as to whether his style has changed will arise. In truth, he is always staying within his own unique style of music, creating creative and new elements! "Creativity is without boundaries, the feeling cannot be put into words, music is still fantasy". While sticking in the style he insist on, Jay Chou still creates his music in an ever-changing pace! Continuously developing extraordinary fields of vison. This is also the reason why the new album is named "Still Fantasy". The closely watched Jay Chou’s new album will be out soon, fans be sure not to miss it!

Meanwhile Xin Suo Music’s telephone lines are continuously being flooded furiously hit by fans these two days. Most of the fans are asking how and where can they pre-order the album and where they can collect the poster, afterall the poster is a limited edition one and is not available for sale, thus causing the buying frenzy. To make convenient for fans to buy the album, and also to tell everyone not to buy the pirated album, Xin Suo Music has already put announcements on the national online selling websites to spread the message.

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