Jay Chou’s Olympic Song, Qian Shan Wan Shui, an east-west fusion

Early October 2007, Jay Chou expressed that he wanted to produce a song for the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, and was collecting lyrics from all over the world. If there weren’t any fitting lyrics, he would then let Vincent Fang pen it. The production of this song is of great importance to Jay. According to Jay’s recent revelation, this will be his first original composition in 2008. No matter the motive or the creative direction,it has exceptional significance to Jay. The style of music is different than that of previous albums, with a catchier melody, which he hopes everyone will be able to understand.

Yesterday, reporters saw the production of the song titled handed in by both people. The lyrics is serene yet powerful, making the reporters anticipate the preview of the full song. Very different from their prior works, this song’s lyrics seem simple and gentle.

According to staff, this song was sent in the day before yesterday around 10pm via the internet. A few staff members who were fortunate enough to hear the song, described it as ” east meets west, quite fun” as their initial reaction.

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