Jay Chou’s New Song – Chinese Online Fans Blindly Download

There is still two more months until Jay Chou’s new album comes out, but mainland China websites already came out with downloadable new single “????” (Hui Meng Zhi Quan), the downloads exceeded 40,000 people.

Jay’s new album will be released September 8, 2006. Because the day is getting closer, there are endless fake singles going around online, and there are titles of the album that fans made up for him. This time, a Chinese website expressed that this Hui Meng Zhi Quan is Jay’s newest single. Besides listening to it online, online fans can also download it. Even the second single “????” (You Ge Ai He) also “leaked”, and you can even download the MV to watch.

As for his new album’s title “???” (Fu Shi Hui – Floating World), Jay, through his record company Alfa Records, expressed that neither of the “new singles” online is right. The truth is, everytime before Jay’s about to release a new album, online fans will start to do things like that. Taiwanese fans have already start to buy things for the new album (preordering and everything), and they can’t wait for Jay to hurry up and show his new music.

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