Jay Chou wrote “I’m not F4″ for Zai Zai

Zai Zai is going to release his album in later October. He asked to work with Jay Chou, and Jay wrote the song “I’m not F4” especially for him. The song completely revolt agaist Zai’s image as “Prince Charming” in the past, the lyrics were even being sarcastic on the “strong female weak male” relationship betwen Da S and Zai, making Zai keep saying “that’s really mean!”

Chou’s style of humour entertained Zai Zai
Zai Zai and Jay knew each other for both had been spokesperson for Pepsi, when Jay learnt that Zai asked him to write a song, he agreed immediately. After two months he gave out “I’m not F4”, the demo contains the usual Jay style humour, the first line “Listen carefully, Vic Chow”, already made Zai Zai roared with laughter. Zai Zai said, “this song is really cool, no one else could write this except Jay, but it’s so mean!” Da S also think this song is good and suitable for Zai Zai to sing.

New version lyrics being sarcastic on pronunciation
Zai Zai haven’t released a new album for more than 3 years, and he wanted to breakthough his fixed image as a member of F4, but the management company still thinks it need to fit the overall image of Zai Zai, therefore, the lyrics have been changed to give it more warmth, but the overall theme “I’m not F4” is still maintained.

In the new version, Zai Zai sang “I’m not everyone’s sweetheart, and I don’t have charming accent, I just want to be a normal person in your heart”, no more mention of girlfriend Da S, instead being sarcastic on his own pronunciation.

Immediate good cooperation with Lam Mai Hor
Jay hold an open attitutde towards the new lyrics, his only request is to give this song to Lam Mai Hor to produce, whom he had worked with for many years, Zai of course obliged and worked really well with Lam Mai Hor. When he knew that Jay had worked with Lam Mai Hor to finish the demo of “I’m not F4”, Jay laughed “So you made that mean demo together!”

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