Jay Chou, SHE & Wilber Pan Show on Olympics

Everyone is doing their part in different ways to support The Olympics, such as artistes Jay Chou, Eason Chen etc. Jay Chou even shed his usual serious side for a debut comical display in the recent M-Zone ad, as he led SHE and Wilber Pan to stand in the formation of The Olympics rings and cheer for the event. Meanwhile, Eason Chen will be one of Hong Kong’s representative in the relay the torch.

Standing in the Formation of the Symbolic Olympics Rings to Cheer “Jia You”

In the M-Zone ad, Jay witnessed a rising metal door gate. He immediately called SHE and Wilber, together with passer-bys, to join him in a special “Olympics Jia You” chant and dance, in hope of cheering the gate to rise even faster. However, when he caught a woman throwing him weird stares from behind the gate, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

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