Jay Chou Receives Jolin’s Position as Cellphone Spokesperson

Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai have been rumored to be together before, and the rumors never seem to end. Yesterday besides the old rumors of them competition in CD sales, now there are rumors that Jay kicked Jolin out of her position as spokesperson for Moto

Through his record company Alfa Records, yesterday expressed that anyone is competition for spokesperson jobs. Because Jolin was seen using another cellphone, that caused Moto to be not very happy, so at the end of May, when her contract ended, they refused to renew the contract with her.

Now there are rumors that her successor is none other than the ambiguous relationship-ed and old boyfriend Jay Chou. Jay, who has been Panasonic cellphone’s spokesperson for five years, jumping over might cause some conflict. He’s being compared as Nic Tse’s jumping over coke version, because Nic went from Coco-Cola and jumped over to be spokesperson for Pepsi.

Jay is part of Alfa Records Company, yesterday said that it is unconfirmed whether or not Jay will be the next spokesperson for Moto cellphone, but they are sure that Jay did not “steal” the position away from anyone.

Even though Moto claims that the contract with Jolin “only went wrong”, but Jolin’s spokespersoning is very good – for example, she’s spokesperson for a hair shampoo product, and raked in 35,000,000 yuan in all of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China. As for her “Dancing Diva” CD, it’s always been on the top rated list, but when Jay comes out with his new album in September, there will be newer speculations of competition.

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