Jay Chou on The Run, 我很忙

The Taiwan pop king is not really on the run from police, but a device the singer is using to promote his upcoming album.

His eighth album, “Jay Chou on The Run”, will be released globally on November 2. It is the first music album released by Jay’s own record company.

Pre-sales begin on October 12.

The concept behind the album reflects Jay’s real life. He’s had a busy career in, flying around the world for movie promotions, music events, concerts, and preparing for his upcoming world tour.

The first hit single from the album is “The Cowboy is Busy”, produced by Jay and famous composer Huang Junlang.

Unlike the depressed and disconsolate cowboys often seen on screen, the music video shows Jay as a good looking cowboy bringing his strong sense of justice to 1960s America.

In the music video, Jay wears at least 30 cravats and 20 cowboy hats. Jay’s stylist made a special trip to Japan to buy the jeans, denim jacket and vest, and leather riding boots. Jay’s cowboy clothes revive some retro fashions.

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