Jay Chou Kneels and Calls Gong Li “Queen Mother”,

Music king Jay Chou has taken storm in Asia. It’d be really hard for you to suck up to him. But there is someone who can let him kneel down obediently. It’s not Jolin Tsai, nor is it Patty Hou. It’s actually Zhang Yi Mou’s newest movie “Curse of the Golden Flower” queen Gong Li!

Zhang Yi Mou’s directed historical movie “Curse of the Golden Flower” is now in production, and will finish at the end of the year. Zhang Yi Mou hoped that the king Zhou Ren Fa, queen Gong Li, eldest prince Liu Hua came, and he casted Jay Chou as the second prince. They are now in production to get ready for promos. Lately, there have been pictures of the film production exposed. One of them is second prince Jay kneeling to queen mother Gong Li – that picture is the one many people are looking into.

Just by his kneeling, you can tell that Jay is very obedient and filial. Actually, Gong Li (first time working with Jay) has a lot of praise for him. Yesterday, she was promoting for Hollywood’s “Miami Vice”, and she expressed that Jay’s acting is not bad, “Before, I saw him in Initial D as a car racer, he was really natural and very mysterious. After working with him, I think that in the film, he’s acting like himself; this time it’s a historical kind, you can tell that he’s very diligent and uses a lot of his heart while acting. Being able to work with him makes me really happy.”

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