Jay Chou is coming up with new album

Jay Chou’s songs always give people the feeling of “unclear pronunciation”, this has also become the biggest denunciation everyone has towards him. But Vincent Fang was determined to stand by his partner, not only does he think it’s no harm to the Chinese style but it actually helps: “Spanish, French music, the average person doesn’t understand it, but they will still like it, because they are attracted by the vocals. Right now KTV is very popular, you only have to read the subtitles once or twice and you’ll understand what he’s singing. Just on the fact that he doesn’t pronounce every word clearly, he’ll arouse the curiosity of the audience who want to know what’s in the lyrics.”

Since you can express Chinese style with “unclear pronunciation”, some people have called on Vincent Fang to sing his own songs. But Vincent Fang declined this suggestion: “I don’t sing well, I’ve not thought about becoming a singer.” At the same time he revealed that he once thought about releasing a single album with Chinese style songs he did for other artists, but he gave up on the idea because of the copyrights being spread across multiple companies, at the moment he’s considering holding a “Chinese style” concert in the future.

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