Jay Chou: Hebe’s Suitable to be Friend

After the "Chou Hou" (Jay Chou and Patty Hou) relationship ended, the JH (Jay Chou and Hebe) relationship rumors have been circulating like no other. Jay didn’t invite Hebe to be in his MV because of this though, he said: "Definitely would not work with a girlfriend in front of [a camera] lens, that would be weird." He still denies that him and Hebe are a couple. He emphasized that he didn’t ask her to star in her MV because he’s after her. "Hebe’s personality is very suitable to be friends with."

Ever since he said that he never said they were together, the Chou Hou relationship has lessened. Because the boy side wouldn’t respond to media questions, there have been many questions directed towards the girl. Whether or not they broke up already has always been a topic talked about.

Jay Chou said the media always uses his words to ask the other party, he says that it won’t affect anything for him, but it would definitely affect the girl. The media’s curious when they broke up? Jay wouldn’t answer directly. Only said: "We haven’t communicated in a while." As for Hebe being his new love? He said, Hebe and him only talk sometimes, nothing will happen.

Otherwise, on the topic of his duet with Fei Yu Qing "Qian Li Zhi Wai" (Faraway), a successful song, Jay gratefully thanked Fei Yu Qing: "Without you, the album would be a hard seller!" How much did he really help? Alfa Records Company gave him a red envelope with at least 1,000,000 yuan!

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