Jay Chou Forgets Lyrics, Accidentally Plays Jolin’s Song

Jay Chou was in Beijing on the 28th for Motorolla spokespersona ctivity. When he was performing "???" (Snow-like Hair), he actually forgot lyrics, and his melody was rumored ex-girlfriend’s Jolin Tsai’s newest single "???" (Heartbreaking Day)’s intro.

Jay has taken responsibility as the spokesperson for Motorolla, "taking" Jolin’s spot as spokesperson – causing their relationship to be put on the spot again. On the 28th, he performed at the reporters’ meeting. At the end of the activity, he didn’t want to stop, he said: "Right now, I don’t really want to stop, so I’ll sing one more song." Before he finished the sentence, he started to play, but he came out with the lyrics "?????" (Come with a little sadness). But if you listend to it closely, it’s actually Jolin Tsai’s "Dancing Diva" album’s song "Heartbreaking Day"’s beginning.

At the reporter’s meeting, they also revealed the song fans wanted to hear Jay sing. First place went to "Snow-like Hair", second place when to "???" (Common Orange Jasmine), and third place was actually "???" (Dong Feng Po). The votes were actually different from Jay’s wishes. On the 28th, during interviews, he expressed that he might sing "Dong Feng Po". He smiled and said: "Becuase my mom really likes that song." Because fans asked for him to sing "Snow-like Hair", he confidentaly said: "I’m really good at forgetting lyrics, but at important events, I’ll remember them all." Within a few stanzas, he actually forgot lyrics, and he just winged a lot of the verses, even singing, "Who remembers lyrics? I forgot, I only remember ‘Snow-like hair’."

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