Jay Chou (and) Hebe film MV (and) flirt with each other Suspicions that (they) will make known their relationship

Sina Entertainment News -Jay Chou is currently in Keelung, Taiwan to film his new song’s MV. Jay, who is concurrently the director, has chosen rumoured girlfriend Hebe to play the female lead. According to what Hebe’s record company expressed, that initially they only knew the "director" settled on Hebe, only when she arrived at the scene then did she know the director is Jay Chou; Jay Chou’s record company then pointed out that the role suits Hebe very much, and strongly emphasized that the two are just good friends, thus there’s no need to avoid suspicions.

That day Jay Chou’s appearance was filled with the feeling of reminiscing and retroness, and (he) plays a young hooligen in the MV, while Hebe is the "Fruit Juice girl" selling beverages. Because it was a holiday, (it) attracted many passer-bys surrounding (them), during that period which Jay Chou, under the pretext of working, then flirted with Hebe under the audience’s stares. Earlier before Hebe was in England studying away from home, and Jay Chou chose to go there to film (his) MV, and seized the chance to help celebrate Hebe’s birthday for her, thus spreading the scandal.

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