Jason Hsu Overly Depressed, Revealed to have gone to Rong Zong for visits

Jason Hsu faces much pressure from work and school and has been disclosed of going to Taipei Rong Zong to seek medical help. Two years ago, he has beaten up a reporter out of violent rage and this time, it is mentioned he had fallen into depression. His manager, Sun De Rong has denied on the day before that Jason had gone to Rong Zong due to the reason of being sick and stressed that it was because his father is ill. At the same
time, he refuted that Jason has been having depression.

Beating up Reporter due to fury, Taking Slimming Pills to Ease Temper

Two years ago, Jason was being followed by the media when he accompanied his girlfriend to the movie. In a sudden, he had beaten up the reporter out of rage. Those days, it was rumoured that Jason had gotten into depression. His manager then explained it was because Jason had taken slimming pills which caused his temperament to go unstable.

The day before, there were readers who mentioned they saw Jason Hsu quietly heading to Taipei Rong Zong and appeared rather low-key. They even told that this has been going on for more than a year.

Accordingly, Jason Hsu has been attending Zhuang Jing High School for almost 7 years. His showbiz career has been both promising and bleak at certain times. He has been filming an idol drama, “Sakurano 3 plus 1”. It was first planned to be focused on the three of them, Ming Dao, Jerry Huang and Jason. Eversince, Fan Zhi Wei joined the cast, there has been less scenes of Jason and his workload is not as heavy as before.

In the face of rumour, Manager Sun De Rong became furious, “You guys must be mad, you should be seeing a specialist instead! Jason was just visiting his father because he is sick. That’s why he went to Rong Zong. Does he not need to go?” He denied Jason has gotten into depression.

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