Japan Trip #1: Electricity

I had a trip to Japan last two month (January). This post should have been posted earlier but some work and life commitment thus the delay. Well, it’s an excellent trip I must say. The people there are extremely polite and it feels safe throughout the trip there. It’s the same respond I am responding to others when I were asked on my trip experience. I’ve been to Italy, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. So far Japan is the country I would say I felt warmth (not the weather but the people surrounding) and secure. It was a free and easy tour but with some research made beforehand on places to visit.

I guess I’ll create a separate post on other topic from my visit to Japan. Back to the topic, the electricity is about my breast pump. I brought my breast pump, a medela freestyle, along with me as I need to express during my 8days stay there. However, my “nightmare” begins the second day there.

As you would have know, the freestyle comes with a battery and mine is able to work for few times. It wasn’t a concern for me as I brought together my power adapter. And when the device starts to indicate it’s running low, I quickly took the pump for a charge. To my disbelief, the charging indicator on the device blinked intermittently and it’s rather weird because it’s not acting like it should when I put it to charge back home.Without much ado, I went google for the reason and found out some were facing similar issues with their laptop not having enough voltage to get their laptop charged. And I got shocked when I found out the voltage supply stated beside the power cord is different from what we had at our home.

Our itinerary got affected. I went off to find for “transformer” in hope to get the right voltage to supply the device and get it charged. We went to a mall which I think it’s BIC department and ask for that particular device. They didnt quite understand me at first, and got someone else to do translation for us. That’s something that amazed me as they didn’t just ignore me or simply tells me no (as in they don’t have the device). They guide us to the right section and we found our little transformer! It’s not cheap tho but what matters is to get the device working!

So a words of advise, do remember to bring a transformer with you (if you have one at home) when you do travelling or at least, do some research if your device is able to operate at the country you’re planning to visit. Oh and We brought the multi-converter plug and it is needed there but guess what, it’s spoilt when we wanted to use it for testing! Crap, we bought a cheap one there as well to work with the transformer. I’ve some photos taken and will post it up at a later time.

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