Janice’s Result From Losing Weight,

Yesterday, Janice, Joey Yung, and Alex Fong attended RTHK’s The 2nd Annual Compassion Awards Ceremony. Soon to have her first concert in March, Janice successfully lost weight. This Lunar New Year, she had to refrain from eating too much. Fortunately, results could be seen. She did not waste her efforts.

Currenly, Janice lives in a regulated way. She expressed that she does gym everyday and is addicted to it. Even if she’s very tired, she’ll persist to exercise. Otherwise, she’ll feel uncomfortable. Asked how much she lost, she expressed she doesn’t dare to weigh herself, because she feels she only lost 3 pounds. As can be seen, she ought to have lost 6 to 7 pounds. There was little baby fat on her face.

Earlier, Janice’s mother came to HK to spend the new year with her and Jill. Currently, her mother returned to Korea. Janice expressed that she’s a little disappointed, because she thought her mother came to enjoy her concert then leave. Initially, she could make it to HK, but she suddenly had something to do so she left. Janice spoke frankly that it’s her biggest moment (first concert). She definitely hopes her mother can see it. To her knowledge, her mother’s friend has an issue, so she doesn’t dare to ask.

Moreover, Janice returned to the company to start the new year the other day. Asked if she received the boss’ big red packet, she said it doesn’t matter how much. She’s already happy receiving red packets. She hopes to give out red packets next year. Asked if she wants to get married, she laughed and said, "Really? I heard from a lot of people that artists giving out red packets will be popular, so I want to give them out!"

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