Janice’s Mishap With a Police Motorcycle

Yesterday at six in the evening, Janice rode in a car driven by her assistant to get off at Yiu Wa Street in Causeway Bay. As she was in a hurry to meet up with her mother, she didn’t check the traffic conditions and swung open the door. A police motorcycle crashed into the door. There were no injuries from both parties. Afterwards, Janice left the scene leaving her assistant to handle the situation. Janice’s record company spokesperson said, "The traffic policeman saw Janice opening the door, but he couldn’t brake in time. There was a little dent. Janice was only a passenger, so she can leave the scene. But, the assistant had to wait for an accident investigator to arrive." The traffic policeman said, "I was already driving slowly, but the door suddenly opened. The momentum was so strong that the motorcycle fell down. The headlights and speakers are slightly damaged."

In other news, the day before, it was Casino Tycoon Stanley Ho’s daughter Florinda Ho’s 18th birthday. Her parents threw her a party at the Macau Tower and even invited her idols Janice and Jill to sing. Besides that, her father gave her an apartment for a gift.

Accordingly, the host Sammy Leung and singers Janice, Jill, and Maria Cordero received a 6- figure sum. Asked what gifts they’re giving to the birthday girl, Jill said, "I prepared an autographed CD." Janice said, "I didn’t prepare a gift, but I will sing her favorite 深愛 (Deep Love) and 愛才 (Love Talent) for her to listen."

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